Round Trip Vestlandet

We welcome 10 persons between 18-20 years to Round Trip Vestlandet 2017

  • Schedule:
  • Bergen Airport BGO Flesland Sunday 20. August (pick up at the airport)
  • Monday 21. August: Train fra Bergen to Dale (40 min.) return to Bergen
  • Thursday 22. August: Bus from Bergen to Nordheimsund (2 hours) Hotel in Kvam
  • Wednesday 23. August: Bus from Hotel in Kvam to Voss ( 2 Hours) Hotel in Voss
  • Thursday 24. August: Train from Voss to Bergen (1,5 hours) Hotel in Bergen
  • Friday 25. August: Round Trip in Bergen with Arna Rotary Club. Hotel in Bergen
  • Saturday 26. August: Round trip in Bergen with Aasane Rotary Club. Hotel in Bergen
  • Sunday 27. August: Airport Shuttle Bus to Bergen Airport BGO Flesland

This presentation is made by Aasane Rotary Club

Read much more about the Round Trip 2017 here