Sightseeing, kayaking & volunteering at Rotary summer camp

Host District 1462 Lithuania
Host Rotary Club Vilnius International RC

Age of participants

18-25 years old, registration based on first-in basis

Dates:12 days inclusive

Arrival: June 15, 2017
Departure: June 27, 2017

Summer camp theme

Sightseeing, kayaking & volunteering at Rotary summer camp for 60 kids from orphanages and large poor families. You can find many photos from previous years online
The camp Rotary Vasara is being organized already for the 9th year and is loaded with many unique and creative experiences for the kids in need. 60 kids (30 boys and 30 girls), aged 8-12 years, are selected from orphanages and large poor families for an enriching summer adventure. The camp is run by volunteers from Vilnius International Rotary, Rotaract & Interact Clubs, supported by professional teachers and artists.
There are 4 teams in the camp, each led by 3-4 volunteer leaders – senior team leader, 2 junior team leaders and 1 inbound exchange student – team leader.
We already had volunteers from Spain, Slovakia, USA, Taiwan, Scotland, Egypt volunteering at our camp. For 2017 we seek 4 volunteers from around the world.

See the full program here....