International Volunteer Camp - Romania

MOTTO Volunteering and environment training camp


15 youngsters, one from each country


15‐18 years old


English, fluent


In mountain cottages in Tasuleasa, boys and girls separately.


Romanian and European dishes. Vegetarian menus can be served upon request


150 euro / person / camp; participants will also cover their flight costs to and from their country of origin to/from the airport in Cluj‐Napoca.
The fee shall be paid into the account: RO21 BTRL 0060 2205 L956 63XX
Banca Transilvania Bistrita, SWIFT: BTRL022 RO22 BNA
Rotary Club Bistrita Nosa


Participants will benefit from a health and incident insurance while they are in the Camp; the insurance is provided by Tasuleasa Social, the partner in this program.
Participants are advised to have their own health and accidents insurance, luggage loss insurance and social liability insurance that will cover the travel time, before and after the camp, according with Rotary International regulation;


Cluj Napoca – July 16 , 2017


Cluj Napoca – July 24, 2017

Terms/requirements for participation Individual equipment

Good health and Good physical condition; Mounteneering equipment: mountain boots (not fancy shoes), jackets, warm clothes, caps, rain coat, sleeping bag, backpack, lantern
Obs Participants shall carry a day’s food and clothing on the mountain, and a part of the common equipment (primus, fuel, etc)

Applicant registration

To be made before June 1, 2017


Raluca Hoza, +40 743 120 660, e‐mail: hozaraluca (at)


Day 1, Sunday, July, 16. ‐ Arrival in Cluj Napoca airport; participants shall be taken from the airport by members of the Rotary Bistrita Nosa club and they shall be transported by car to the camp in Tasuleasa ( ), in Piatra Fantanele, near the Tihuta pass, (approx. distance from Cluj 165 km, which would take around 2 h and 30 min, including a break); accomodation, entertainment, dinner

Day 2, Monday, July 17. Presentation of the Tasuleasa organization, its projects and the camp rules; There will be discussions about volunteering and environmental concerns of the Association, and and introduction to various educational games on environmental issues; Games will be followed by a walk on Mount Tasuleasa, (by foot) in order to promote walking and mountain stories about nature and its beauty; in the evening projections of animations and videos made by a Tasuleasa volunteer
NOTE: activities will be run by local volunteers socialization activities, entertaining, games

Day 3, Tuesday, July 18. Start of the volunteering activities of the camp, on the road “ Via Maria Therezia” www.via‐maria‐
NOTE: All activities will be carried out with help from the camp volunteers

Day 4, Wednesday, July 19 Continuing volunteering activities on the road Via Maria Theresia
Participants will begin to visit and discover „The Pedagogical Forest” in the Tasuleasa camp
Day 5, Thursday, July 20 Participants will begin to visit and discover „The Pedagogical Forest” in the Tasuleasa camp. In the second part of the day, participants will be taken in a tour to visit the town of Bistrita, accompanied by a tourist guide; in the evening participants will take part in the Rotary Bistrita Nosa meeting, followed by a dinner with the Rotarians.
Note: At the tour in Bistrita and the RC meeting, particopants will be accompanied by members of Interact Bistrita.

Day 6, Friday, July 21.
Theme of the day: “What is a national park and what are its functions?” – Trip to the National Park „Rodnei Mountains” / „Calimani Mountains”
NOTE: Mountain guide, participation of mountain rangers

Day 7, Saturday, July 22
Participants will continue to visit and discover „The Pedagogical Forest” in the Tasuleasa camp
‐ socialization activities, entertaining, games

Day 8, Sunday, July 23
Socilizing activities, camp fire.

Day 9, Monday July 24‐ departure depending on flight schedules.
Breakfast and departure to Cluj Napoca, according to the flight schedule.
NOTE: transportation will be provided by Rotarians, by cars or by bus.
The above program may undergo changes according to the wishes of the participants and of course the weather conditions which may aggravate or alleviate or even may reschedule activities.