Generationsdiversitet – bliv stærkere på tværs af generationer

Rotary International inviterer til webinar den 29. april kl. 18.00 (Chicago tid 11:00am) om det at tænke i generationsdiversitet

Building Strong Intergenerational Relationships

Generational diversity is one of Rotary’s competitive advantages. Few organizations span generations and build personal connections the way we do. Yet we also can find ourselves segmented by age groups and unable or unwilling to challenge our biases about people of other ages. According to a study by consulting network Deloitte, 70% of survey respondents from around the world say that leading multigenerational organizations is important or very important for their success over the next 12 to 18 months, but only 10% say they're very ready to do so.

In this webinar, we will hear from several Rotary program participants who have built strong intergenerational relationships, and:

  • Empower young leaders to act on issues they are passionate about
  • Build awareness of the biases that create tension between the generations
  • Recognize that everyone, no matter how old or young, has something to teach and something to learn

Læs mere om webinaret her, hvor du også tilmelder dig.