Learn to sail a sail ship – in theory and in practice.

OUR HISTORY: 100 years ago, and before that, more than half of the Danish Merchant fleet was belonging to the island of Aeroe, where the town Marstal had almost 400 ships registered. Marstal is the original maritime town of Denmark, a tradition that have been going on since. These days more than 40.000 yachts or plesurecrafts are visiting the island in the summertime. In Marstal we have kept a navigation school with 300 students, a maritime museum, a shipyard and other maritime related business.
So – join some of our local youths – and enter our history – on a sailing ship – and furthermore, enter also the modern life Danish youths are living.


Together with the local school we will give international young people and some of our local youths a very special experience.
We will invite 10 young people from abroad and connect these with special selected 10 local youths for a two weeks’ camp. The first week will take place at Marstal School, where all shall participate in a special class where the main theme will be:
We shall learn from each other – we shall understand our differences in culture, way of living etc.
There will be an overall theme for the camp:

Learn to sail a sail ship – in theory and in practice.

After the first week, under Marstal Schools supervision, also involving Marstal Navigation School and Marstal Maritime Museum, all 20 students will start an 8 days’ travel around the Island of Fyn with the more than 100 years old sailing ship: HJALM of Holbaek. During the sailing trip the young people will work as crew members. On board the ship there will be skilled staff as Captain and 1. Pilot. Furthermore, one teacher from Marstal School and a skilled sailing member from our Rotary Club will also participate.


During the trip the crew must do whatever a crew member did some 100 years ago, on a sailing ship. Do the sails do the food etc. Of course – there will also be time for other things as swimming – visiting small cities around, as the ship will go to harbors every afternoon. The professional staff of the vessel is skilled with similar tours especially for young people – and so is the teacher and our participating club-member.


This camp is a new type of camp – both in the Rotary
world and for the local school. We expect all participants to become friends – and for the local ones – a group will be selected by interested locals from classes of 9 to 10th grade in the Danish
schoolsystem like the English first and last year of High School- age 16-17.

The International ones will get a special friend from the Danish group and will stay and live with the friend’s family for the period on shore (7 days).

English will be the camp-language– food both at the friend-family and on the sailing trip will be typical Danish ordinary food – so the camp will not be relevant for special demands of food.
On the ship, all crew members sleep on berths under deck – so bring a sleeping back for the trip.
10 GIRLS AND 10 BOYS: The camp is arranged as follows: 10 Danish and 10 International students – divided in 5 girls and 5 boys in both groups. The Danish group speaks English very well (it is our second language in Denmark), and the Danes will be specially elected by Marstal School as a special volunteer team for the two weeks involved.


Marstal School expects that the young International Students will participate in the daily life at the School – under this International Event for the whole school - to create an international understanding between young people from Denmark and other countries.


The Camp will start with arrival on the Island of Aero Sunday the 20. of August and departure Sunday the 03. of September.


The Island of Aero is situated in the middle of Denmark close to the Island of Fyn. Arrival by plain to Copenhagen and further on by train to Svendborg. The train will take 2,5 hour, further on to the Island by ferries is 1 hour. Your selected local friend will pick you up in Svendborg – and bring you back to Svendborg when you go back home.


Your travel to Svendborg and back – contribute per participant is DKK 1.000 and pocket-money.


All food is included in the camp – but notice: Danish ordinary food is what we eat– both during the private stay with your local friend’s family and during the sailing trip, so we cannot provide special food.


You must bring your own insurance-cover for health, third party damages, accident and all other risks per Rotary International recommendations.

The Island of AEROE: Tourist home page: www.aeroe.dk

Marstal School and Navigation School: www.marstalskole.skoleportalen.dk /www.marnav.dk
The Old Sailing Vessel HJALM: www.hjalm.dk
Marstal School special program: Monday – Friday 21th – 25th of August:
Aeroe Rotary Club arrangement: Sunday the 20th of August and Saturday the 2th of September: At 17.00: barbecue-party for all participants including host families and other involved in the camp.