Rotary Convention Hamburg 1. - 5. June 2019

Submitted by Sam Strange Eyde on 3.10.2018
Rotary International Convention takes place in Hamburg 1. - 5 of June 2019. Please join.

DK: Rotary International Convention afholdes 1. - 5- juni 2019 i Hamborg.
Tag med og oplev vores store og herlige organisation i fuldt flor.
01.06.2019. 10:00

Program Convention. 

From Ry Rotary Club, Denmark participates Leif Fritsdal, Rotary Public Image Coordinator 2016-19, zone 16 as one of the speakers at a breakout session "Peace Building" Tuesday 4 of June. Leif will talk about Exchange programme, and how it all started in Denmark for many years ago.

DK: Fra Ry Rotary Klub deltager bl.a. Leif Fritsdal, som er Rotary Public Image Coordinator 2016-19 for zone 16. 
Leif deltager bl.a. som en af talerne i en "break out" session tirsdag den 4. juni, hvor temaet er Peace Building.
Leder af distriktets ungdomsudveksling Ole Mølgaard deltager i "PreConvention", vedr. ungdomsudveksling. 

Break out session