Copenhagen International

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Copenhagen International Rotary Club is a club for international expats in Copenhagen. And for Danes with international inclinations.

We combine the pleasure of spending time together with a desire to do good in society – locally and worldwide.

Our ’corporate’ language is English.

Meeting place

Radisson Collection Hotel; also and previously known as Royal Hotel/SAS Radisson
Hammerichsgade 1, main floor
1611 Copenhagen K
Tel: +45 51232309

Meeting day


Meeting time


Un- and subscription is closed

5 hours before meeting start

Email: circ (at) rotary (dot) dk


Hesam Mirzaei Rafsanjani
Mobile: 51232309
Email: hesam (dot) mirzaei (at) gmail (dot) com

Friendship clubs

Rotary Club Berlin International
Berlin, Germany
2010 - Now


  • Clubnumber: 31089
  • Organized: 12.6.1995
  • Chartered: 11.11.1995
  • Account no: Regnr 1551 Kontonr 3111165351