Euro Bus Tour

The Euro Bus tour is planned for May 2023. Please find the updated program below.

Danish students should pay the deposit no later than Jan 23rd 2023 to reserve a seat on the trip. The rest of the seats will be offered to our Swedish neighbouring inbounds.

The Euro Bus Tour starts in mid-May 2023 and travels through Europe during an 18 days trip.

Dates below:

BUS 1 med afgang fra Ålborg

Udrejse den 10/05 – hjemkomst den 27/05-23

BUS 2  med afgang fra f.eks. Ringsted (Slagelse) via Fyn

Udrejse den 13/05 – hjemkomst den 30/05-23

BUS 3 med afgang fra Ingerslevgade, København

Udrejse den 16/05 – hjemkomst den 02/06-23

PROGRAM 2023 (8th JAN 2023)