Rules for traveling

Information to Overseas Rotary Exchange Students about Travelling and Parental visits.


Multi District Denmark strongly discourages visits by your parents or other family members. It is your exchange experience, and seeing your parents may trigger homesickness or have other negative effects. Besides it interrupts your life here.
It is the policy of Multi District Denmark not to accept visits during holidays where host families often have other plans, or in the last month of the stay (as you need this time to end your time here and say goodbye to everyone).
In any case, visits require the prior approval in writing of both the Club Councellor of the host club and the District Chair of the host district.
On the other hand, we encourage you and your family to come visit a year or two after you ended your exchange. 


The following rules apply:
Travel within Denmark:

Travelling outside the local area, except for school and Rotary activities, requires permission from your host family.

Travel outside Denmark:

  1. Travelling with school: Permission from your host family and Club Counsellor required.
  2. Travelling with host families or members of your Rotary Club: Acceptable during school holidays without permission. If absence from school is required, you will need written permission from the school headmaster and your Club Counsellor.
  3. Individual trips to visit family or friends is not permitted.
  4. Travelling with biological parents: Permission from host family, Club Counsellor, District Chair and school headmaster.
  5. Travelling alone or together with other exchange students: Not permitted.