Welcome letter

Welcome letter to Inbounds

Multi District Denmark looks forward to welcoming you to your new home for a year, TEAM S18

Below you will find some important general information, which we ask you to study carefully. But first, we want to let you know that we have high expectations to you.

Our Rotary colleagues in your country, who are sponsoring you, have found you worthy of the challenge to become a Rotary exchange student. Being a Rotary exchange student means providing a good experience to your host family, your host club and your school and friends. In this way, you will help promote Rotary youth exchange as your host family, club and school will want to continue participating in the program. As an ambassador for your country you may also contribute to cultural understanding and peace.

Please remember this throughout your stay in Denmark. 


All exchange students to Denmark should arrive in Denmark on August 11th/12th.
Information about your arrival airport can be seen in the letter of acceptance or from the guarantee form (Destination Airport in host country).  Your departure will be from the same airport.

Make your flight reservations in due time. Your travel agent will assist you with the most convenient travel route to your final destination.

When you come to final destination in Denmark, please wear your Rotary jacket when leaving the airplane as this will enable us to recognize you as a Rotary Exchange Student. When you have passed the baggage claim area and the custom authorities, you will be met by your counselor and/or your host family.

If your final destination is NOT Copenhagen, but Copenhagen is your first airport in Denmark, you will need a connecting flight to your destination airport (a domestic airport). All domestic flights depart from Copenhagen airport. See more at www.cph.dk 
Whenever possible, make sure that your luggage has been checked through to the final destination airport. In most cases, custom clearance will take place at your final destination. It is extremely important that you send information to ME not later than July 17 th 2018 about:

Date of arrival 
Flight number
Copy of your itinerary

Please use my e-mail: acm-in1 (at) rotary-yep.net - and remember to write your full name and YEP-number.

After your arrival, we look forward to welcoming you to an Intro Camp, that will take place in the town of Bjerringbro from 25 th of August to 31st of August 2018.

The Intro Camp is our Inbound Orientation, and it is mandatory for all students coming to Denmark to participate. You will meet a team of committed teachers, who will prepare you for many of the challenges you will be facing during your year in Denmark. You will also be introduced to the Danish lifestyle, culture and language. This will be most helpful to you when you set out on your life in Danish families and school.

The Intro Camp is paid by Multi District Denmark and is free of charge for you


You will need a one year visa from 1th of August 2018 to 31th of July 2019. You can apply for and obtain the visa before you arrive in Denmark. You can obtain a visa from any Danish Consulate in your country. 

You need to fill in the Application form ST1 attached to this letter. The Danish Consulate will need the ST1 as well as your passport and the Guarantee Form. I will inform The Danish Official Authority for Foreigners in Denmark that you have been accepted as a Rotary Youth Exchange Student. This will ease the process.

We have some rules in Denmark for getting the Residence Permit for a year in Denmark. You can read about it in www.nyidanmark.dk/en-us. I will create the ID number and write in the Application Form for Visa. You have to pay a Fee, at the moment DKK 2.110,00. You can pay with a credit card. The fee is subject to change every year at 1st of January.

Please bring your receipt for payment of residence permit. Show receipt and case order number to your counselor when you arrive in Denmark. 

You have to give a fingerprint in person by going to an Embassy or a consulate. It can be a long trip for some of you, so maybe you can do it in Denmark. Ask your Home Chairman - if he/she don't know, he/she is welcome to contact me.

When you arrive, your first host family or Club Counselor will take you to The Danish Civil Administration in your host town. You will be given a Danish Civil Personal Number (called Central Personal Registration - CPR), which all Danish citizens have. This makes you a "Temporary Dane", including the right to use our Danish Public Health Service, free of charge!


Insurance for Incoming Rotary Exchange Students to Denmark.
Rotary Denmark Youth Exchange will take care of your insurance.

Rotary Denmark has in cooperation with a local insurance company "Europaeiske Rejseforsikring A/S" prepared an insurance policy especially adapted to Danish Public Health insurance conditions. Health insurance is free in Denmark, when you are registered as a "Temporary Dane". This registration will take place at “Borgerservice” in Denmark, when you have received your residence permit (VISA). Dentist and medicine is not free, but at reduced prices, upon presentation of  "the yellow health card".
The insurance that we take out for you as a supplement to the free Danish Public Health Service covers a.o.:

  • Travel insurance from your home address to Denmark.
  • Travel insurance from Denmark to your home address.
  • Doctor's appointments, hospitalization and if necessary surgery, until you are covered by the Danish 
  • Public Health Service.
  • Personal liability and Damage to property, in case you involuntarily become liable to pay for damage to persons or property in accordance with the rules of "liability for damages".
  • Legal Aid.
  • This insurance are approved by Rotary International

Please read Free Danish Health Insurance (Danish Public Health Service):

For detailed information on coverage, please see www.workindenmark.dk  – or follow the link below: 

Enclosed you will find: Rotary Youth Exchange Program Incoming to Denmark "Conditions 1600 E" This Europaeiske Rejseforsikring insurance, is the perfect supplement to the free Danish Public Health Service. It saves you from having double covers and this way you only pay once for the relevant covers. The price for this insurance is about 4.200 DKK — approximately 565 EUR.
Before your departure to Denmark, you will receive an e-mail from Europaeiske Rejseforsikring A/S with your personal insurance police.

Remember: Bring the insurance police with you to Denmark — and leave a copy back home at your parents.

Do NOT send any money now. Upon arrival in Denmark, you will be asked to pay the amount in cash to your host club. Please ask your counselor.


Your host club has chosen a school suitable for your age. This will be either a “Folkeskole", a "Gymnasium" or a Business School. The 10th  grade of the "Folkeskole" will have students at the age of about 16, students of the "Gymnasium" and Business School will be from 16 to l8 years old. 

In the "Gymnasium" as well as the “Folkeskole” you may be taught English, German, French, Math, Science, World History, Biology, etc. and of course Danish.
Uniforms are not common in Danish Schools.
It is your duty to attend school in Denmark regularly and participate in school activities.

PLEASE NOTE that piercing and tattooing are not allowed when you are a Rotary Exchange Student in Denmark. If you already have piercings, you are requested to remove them before you arrive in Denmark.


Multi District Denmark strongly discourages visits by your parents or other family members. It is your exchange experience, and seeing your parents may trigger homesickness or have other negative effects. Besides, it interrupts your life here.

It is the policy of Multi District Denmark not to accept visits during holidays where host families often have other plans, or in the last month of the stay (as you need this time to end your time here and say goodbye to everyone).

In any case, visits require the prior approval in writing of both the Club Councelor of the host club and the District Chair of the host district. On the other hand, we encourage you and your family to come visit a year or two after you ended your exchange. 

As a very good alternative to individual journeys, Multi District Denmark offers our Inbound exchange students an EURO BUS TOUR. During approx three weeks, this tour takes you to capitals such as Berlin, Prague, Venice, Nice and Paris and other interesting places in Europe. 
The EURO BUS TOUR does not require further permission. 

The cost of the tour is approx DKK 15500 + pocket money and will not be paid by Rotary in Denmark. In December you will receive more information about the Tour, and registration will be available. 

Emergency Fund

We expect you to bring 2000 DKK (approximately 270 EUR) to hand over to your counsellor for him to place in an emergency fund that can be used in case of unexpected expenses. When you use money from the emergency fund, then the fund must be topped up to 2000 DKK again. When you leave Denmark you will get the emergency fund when the balance is settled.

We all look forward to receiving you to your "once-in-a-lifetime" stay in Denmark!