Welcome letter, Team Winter 2024 (W24) - updated OCT 15, 2024

Welcome to Multi-District Denmark

Welcome letter to Inbounds W24 (available in pdf for download)

Multi-District Denmark looks forward to welcoming you to your new home for a year, TEAM W24 (Winter 2024), with a planned arrival at a Danish airport in the third week of January 2024.

Below is some important general information we ask you to study carefully. First, we want to let you know that we have high expectations of you.

Our Rotary colleagues in your country, sponsoring you, have found you suited to becoming a Rotary exchange student. Being a Rotary exchange student means providing an excellent experience to your host family, club, school, and friends. This way, you will help promote Rotary Youth Exchange as your host family, club, and school will want to continue participating in the program. As an ambassador for your country, you may contribute to mutual cultural understanding and peace.

Please remember this throughout your stay in Denmark. 

By now, you should have been able to lock into the Danish YEP database and update your profile with data (home address, etc....).

The link to download your guarantee form will be sent separately. But you can download it on your profile in the folder document when your host club has uploaded it to the database.

All exchange students to Denmark should arrive in Denmark in the 3rd week of January between 15-21 January 2024

Final Destination in Denmark: [Will be stated on your GF]

Information about your arrival at the airport can also be seen in the acceptance letter or the guarantee form (Destination Airport in the host country). Your departure will be from the same airport.

Make your flight reservations in due time. Your travel agent will assist you with the most convenient route to your final destination.

When you arrive at your final destination in Denmark, please wear your Rotary jacket when leaving the aeroplane, as this will enable us to recognize you as a Rotary Exchange Student. When you have passed the baggage claim area and the customs authorities, your counsellor and/or host family will meet you.

If your final destination is NOT Copenhagen, but Copenhagen is your first airport in Denmark, you will need a connecting flight to your destination airport (a domestic airport). All domestic flights depart from Copenhagen Airport. See more at www.cph.dk

Make sure your luggage has been checked through to the final destination airport whenever possibleIn most cases, customs clearance will take place at your final destination.

You must log in to the database and supply the information about your travel itinerary under Travel Plan no later than the 1st of January 2024. Ensure your host club (counsellor) is also informed about your arrival.


You will need a one-year visa/residence permit from the 15th of January 2024  to the 14th of January 2025. You can apply for and obtain the visa before you arrive in Denmark.

How to apply

The application for a visa and residence permit is started by the Rotary Youth Exchange in Denmark only two months before your scheduled arrival, and the application is online. I will inform The Danish Official Authority for Foreigners in Denmark that you have been accepted as a Rotary Youth Exchange Student. This will ease the process.

Then, I will upload to the Youth Exchange Database, where you have access, a reference number and a password to use with the application system to continue and finish. You will find it on the tab ‘Correspondence’. It is only valid for 14 days. So be sure to lock onto the application site and make your profile. Remember the password when you have created your profile on the application site www.newtodenmark.dk

A guide/manual to the application is available on our web pages at https://www.rotary.dk/yep/application-residence-permit, and you can find more answers at https://www.nyidanmark.dk/en-GB/You-want-to-apply/Study/Basic-and-youth-study-programmesYourur Rotary district back home or the travel agent will help you in the process.

Be sure to have ALL the documents ready when you start. The Danish immigration authorities accept scanned PDF documents in good quality and colour. If you scan your passport, all pages, including the cover, must be scanned into one file. Files must not exceed 10 Mb in total.

The fee for applying for the visa is currently DKR 2115 (approx. 280 EURO). You can pay with a credit card. (Follow the link online). Be sure to check the correct amount for the application fee.

You must give a photo and fingerprint by visiting a Danish representative in your country. The following link will show you where to go. Where to apply (http://um.dk/en/travel-and-residence/where-to-apply/). Some places will charge you for handling the application, and this should not be confused with the application fee.

However, suppose you can enter Denmark on a tourist visa and have a long travel distance to a Danish consulate. In that case, you can choose to travel on a tourist visa in coordination with your host district and host counsellor, and the application can be finalised in Denmark after arrival. However, we strongly recommend you apply from home before coming. Please check if you can enter Denmark on a tourist visa at https://www.nyidanmark.dk/. Please visit our rotary page https://www.rotary.dk/yep/application-residence-permit for detailed information regarding the visa application process. Consult your host district and host counsellor for further details.

If you travel on a 3-month tourist visit and finalise the application after arrival, you must be sure you have a temporary return flight within these three months. In some Schengen entry points (e.g. Germany), you might get rejected if your return date is after the expiration of your tourist visa. Usually, documentation of the initial copies of the application for a residence permit and the Rotary Guarantee Form will solve the problem - but not always!

When you arrive, your first host family or Club Counselor will take you to The Danish Civil Administration in your host town. You will be given a Danish Civil Personal Number (Central Personal Registration - CPR), which all Danish citizens have. This makes you a "Temporary Dane", including the right to use our Danish Public Health Service, free of charge! Please note that dentist treatment and medicine are not free.

You cannot get a CPR number until you are granted a residence permit, so the more prepared you are from home, the easier the process.


We will inform you about insurance on the website. See https://www.rotary.dk/insurance

Students from the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand will carry their insurance (if they do not choose to purchase the Danish). All other students must obtain Danish insurance from Europæiske ERV (Rotary certified), tailored to Danish conditions. The price is DKR 4.600 or approx. 620 EUR.


We expect you to bring 2000 DKR (approximately 270 EUR) to hand over to your counsellor for him to place in an emergency fund, which can be used in case of unexpected expenses. When you use money from the emergency fund, then the fund must be topped up to 2000 DKK again. When you leave Denmark, you will get the emergency fund back after settling the balance. Please coordinate this with your host counsellor.


You have been accepted at [School will be stated in your GF]

Your host club has chosen a school suitable for your age. This will be either a “Folkeskole", a "Gymnasium" or a Business School. The 10th grade of the "Folkeskole" will have students at about 16, and students of the "Gymnasium" and Business School will be from 16 to 88 years old.

In the "Gymnasium" and the “Folkeskole”, you may be taught English, German, French, Math, Science, World History, Biology, etc. School uniforms are not generally used in Danish Schools.

You are expected to attend school and participate in school activities. Absence without a valid reason is not accepted.

PLEASE NOTE that piercing and tattooing are prohibited when you are a Rotary Exchange Student in Denmark. If you already have piercings, you are requested to remove them before you arrive in Denmark.


Multi-District Denmark strongly discourages visits by your parents or other family members. It is your exchange experience, and having visits from your parents may trigger homesickness or have other adverse effects. Besides, it interrupts your life here, and you may not be absent from school.

It is the policy of Multi-District Denmark not to accept visits during holidays, where host families often have other plans, or in the last month of the stay (as you need this time to end your time here and say goodbye to everyone).

In any case, visits require prior approval in writing from both the host club counsellor and the host district's district chair. On the other hand, we encourage you and your family to visit a year or two after you add your exchange.


After your arrival, we look forward to welcoming you to an Intro Camp, which will take place in Odense from the 2nd - 4th of February 2024. All MD Denmark Team Winter 2024 (W24) students will participate (approx. 20).

The Intro Camp is our Inbound Orientation, and it is mandatory for all students coming to Denmark to participate. You will meet a team of committed teachers who will prepare you for many of the challenges you will face during your year in Denmark. You will be introduced to the Danish lifestyle, culture and language. This will be most helpful when you set out on your life in Danish families and school.

Multi-District Denmark pays for the Intro Camp and is free of charge for you.


Multi-District Denmark offers our inbound exchange students an optional EURO BUS TOUR 2024. Three weeks in May and June 2024, this tour takes you to Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Venice, Nice Aaris and many other exciting European places.

The EURO BUS TOUR does not require further permission.

The cost of the tour is approx. DKK 18,0000 + pocket money will not be paid by Rotary in Denmark. You will soon receive more information regarding the trip, and registration will be available in December 2023. General details can be seen at https://www.rotary.dk/yep/euro-bus-tour-2019


The easiest way to contact anyone in your host district is to send an email. Email addresses are available in letters and on the Youth Exchange Program database. Remember to write your YEP number and name whenever you write to us. Emails of the MD Denmark YEO officers can be found at https://www.rotary.dk/yep/rduledelse.

There is also a Correspondence tab in the database, where you can write to your counsellor, and he/she can write to you. You will get a notification in your email when there is a new message in Correspondence.

Communication with host family, friends and others can be made using other means. e.g. Phone and text messages.


Your host district will send you a document: Additional Rules and Guidelines that stipulates rules to guide you while you are an exchange student with this district. The application’s declaration does not fully cover these rules. You are expected to read and sign with your parents and return to the host district promptly.

We welcome you to your "once-in-a-lifetime" stay in Denmark!

Yours in Rotary

Henrik Gildberg, Chairman Long Term