The Home

Danish social life revolves around the home and family. Danes like to stay home and entertain at home. They invest a major part of their income in their homes which can be seen in the high standard of their buildings, décor and furniture. All Danish homes are extremely well insulated and heated – you will not be cold indoors during the winter. However, heating, hot water and electricity are expensive and students coming from countries where energy is cheap often forget this. Many homes have wooden floors and visitors are expected to take their shoes off when coming in.
Mealtimes are communal, and should be respected. When called to the table to eat with the family, ensure you are there promptly. A tradition – and one which any Danish hostess will love you for – is to thank the hostess for your meal by saying 'tak for mad'.

Danish children are given a lot of freedom and responsibility, which will also be extended to you.