The Country

Denmark is a very small country of 40,000 square kilometres (17,000 square miles). From a globe or a map of the world, of course, you already know where it is situated. Denmark is just a little lump on the head of continental Europe!

Opposite you will find a map of Denmark which in Danish is called DANMARK. The country consists of a peninsula called JYLLAND and many islands of varying size. In fact there are 483 islands but only 100 of them are inhabited. We have marked the place where you are going to stay. Denmark is of a size which will enable you to see most of the country during your stay.

The capital is situated on the east coast of the island of SJÆLLAND. It is called Copenhagen in English, Copenhague in French - KØBENHAVN in Danish. It is a city of about a million inhabitants, an exciting place with attractions such as the Tivoli Pleasure Gardens and many large department stores and shops. There are excellent shopping facilities in all Danish towns and some of the largest cities are AARHUS and AALBORG in Jylland, and ODENSE on the island of FYN. These and other towns are clearly marked on the map.

Denmark has neither mountains nor large open spaces. It is a fertile farming land with small towns spread across the whole country. As for industry, there are a few large factories and many small ones, often found in pleasant surroundings without noise or huge smoke stacks. You will quickly observe that Denmark is a very clean country.

Denmark is surrounded by the sea. No matter where you are in Denmark you can quickly get to the seaside. There are miles and miles of beautiful beaches suitable for bathing. Bridges and ferries connect the numerous islands.

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