The School

You will be going to school in Denmark. This is a good thing because you will meet many people of your own age quickly. Danish schools are used to foreign students, so neither teachers nor students will look upon you as if you were a mysterious creature from another planet.
You will fit into your class easily and be accepted in no time, but we recommend learning Danish as quickly as possible, to avoid missing out on some of the lessons and to make friends quickly. On the other hand, you should do extremely well when English is on the timetable! There is a distinctly easy relationship between teachers and students and Danish schools are much less strict than schools in many other countries.
There is much less formal discipline, more self-discipline. But please do not miss school without permission. The relaxed atmosphere does not mean that you should not be present and work - only that schools expect students to take responsibility for themselves. Teaching in practical subjects such as woodwork and home economics is somewhat limited. However, this is made up for by the availability of foreign language subjects - English, German, French etc.