The Weather


Denmark is so small that the climate is usually the same everywhere.

In winter we can have snow and freezing temperatures, but sometimes we have mild winters with only a few snow storms.

During the summer months there are periods when it is warm enough to wear light clothing, but don't expect tropical heat! The normal summer temperature during the day is between 20 and 24 C (68-76 F.).

We talk a lot about the weather in Denmark because it changes from day to day. It can be windy and stormy at all times of the year, and we get a lot of rain. But the sun always comes through in the end and there are often periods of calm weather with clear blue skies. In fact we enjoy our ever-changing weather! Providing you have the correct clothing it can be just as pleasant taking a brisk stroll on a windy autumn day as it is to lie on the beach on a beautiful summer day. We generally say that there is no such thing as bad weather – just wrong clothing!