Application for a Danish Residence Permit

Guidance and documents for the application process for Inbound students

It is mandatory for all students coming to Denmark for more than 90 days to apply for a residence permit.

Even if permitted for some students to enter Denmark on a tourist's visa, students from certain countries require a visa before they can enter Denmark. You find the exact list on

The application for a residence permit is made online. There is an online part and a biometric part is performed before you can obtain a residence permit. In specific cases, the biometric part is done after arrival in Denmark, but this requires specific arrangements to be made by your host counsellor.

IMPORTANT: The application process is started by Rotary. You then pay the fee and get the CASE ID. You then need the Rotary reference # and login password to complete the application process. You find those in the correspondence folder on your profile in the Danish YEP database. Please be aware of your 'junk folder' in your email client as mails sometimes happen to end up here. look for mail from xx (at)

The official website where the online application is started is located at

Below you find a Guide and documents to use in the process.

Guide for students to apply for residence permit (updated Augsut 1st 2023)

Power of attorney to add to your application in order to allow Rotary Denmark to inquire about the application. (updated 4th of August 2023)

Declaration form to add to your application to confirm that your application is made by you.

If you have coordinated with your host counsellor to do the biometrics after arrival then be aware of the following:

You can start up the application - but DO NOT SUBMIT until max. 14 days prior to your counsellor's scheduled time in Denmark if you are to take the biometrics after arrival.

Coordinate the time slot for biometrics with your club counsellor in Denmark. This means that the submission of your online application will take place just days before your travel and arrival date in Denmark. Please remember to notify the Danish authorities on the email that you will take the biometrics after arriving in Denmark.

Contact information can be found at

Write an email stating that you have handed in an application online and that you have an appointment at xxxxx time xxxx. Remember to state your CASE ID number.

GOING TO Greenland and Faroe Islands

Students going to Faroe Islands and Greenland must have a visa BEFORE they can enter Denmark. Denmark is a part of the Schengen countries, whereas Faroe Islands and Greenland are not.

Application for a residence permit is FREE (no fee required) for Greenland and Faroe Islands.

Are you EU Citizen
If you hold a European passport the application process is different.
You must use the OD1 application and apply for Study.
There is no fee for EU citizens 

Go to and read more.