Application for a Danish Residence Permit

Guidance and documents for the application process for Inbound students



Guidance and documents for the application process for Inbound students 

It is mandatory for all students coming to Denmark for more than 90 days to apply for a residence permit. 

Please be sure to read all the material before starting the process – and have an adult to support you. 

Even if most students are permitted to enter Denmark on a tourist visa, students from certain countries will require a visa before entering Denmark. You can find the exact list at… (these students must get the residence permit before travelling to Denmark).

If travelling to Denmark on a tourist visa, you must have started your residence permit application before leaving home (and bring print of all documents with you) - and we recommend that you have a return ticket within three months to avoid discussions at European airports. 

DO NOT start the process until informed so by the Rotary Multi district of Denmark. 

Are you going to the Faeroe Islands, Greenland, or do you have a European passport (for a Schengen country)? - Please see the sections below. 

Any questions at all? – Please contact your host club, host district, or coordinator at the Rotary Multi district of Denmark.  
Thank you! 

The application for a residence permit is made online, but biometrics also need to be obtained.  

Please be sure to follow the steps listed below: 

  1. Carefully read the Rotary guidelines for the residence permit and prepare all needed documentation; please be aware of any needed certified translations if not in approved languages. 

    Do not start the actual application process yet. 

    Find the guideline here: Process applying for residence permit (may 5 2024) v2.

    Please also be sure to download, fill in and use the following documents: 

    SIRI Power-Of-Attorney (April 2024), Rotary YEP Denmark
    Sworn declaration ST1 mv-1 

  2. Make sure that the Rotary Multi district of Denmark knows if: 

    A. You can get biometrics done in your home country.
    B. You hold a European passport (for a Schengen country) 

    We need this information to ensure the correct handling of a range of deadlines set by the Danish Authority handling the application. 

    You should receive a separate email about this, and please respond as quickly as possible (unless we have received this from your travel agent supporting the application process). 

  3. When Rotary Multi district of Denmark informs you via email that your application has been initiated – please follow the Rotary guidelines (see link above) as well as the “how to apply” process stated by the Danish Authority here:  

    Remember to save the receipt for the payment using the Case Order ID you created. It is best to pay by credit card, but if paying by bank transfer, please remember to add extra for the bank transfer fee (your bank should be able to state how much is needed).

    If you get biometrics done at home, please be sure to submit all documents online, keep copies for yourself, and hand in copies to the Danish representation. Be aware of the time needed for the passport to be returned, and make arrangements to get your passport returned (not all countries have a secure mailing service).

    If you are to have biometrics done in Denmark, it is important at this step to be in contact with your Host Club to ensure that they help book an appointment for biometrics as soon as possible after your arrival (again due to a deadline between submitting your application and biometrics getting registered). 

There is a time limit of max. 14 days from the final submission of the online application until biometrics must be registered.

IF this time limit will be exceeded, please be sure to inform the Danish Agency via their contact form at 
Use the option: “I have a specific case and need to answer a letter from SIRI, send documentation or want to ask a question,” – and in the content field, add information about your appointment date, time and place (possible number) for biometrics.


Going to Greenland or Faroe Islands? 
Students going to the Faroe Islands or Greenland must have a visa BEFORE they can enter Denmark. Denmark is a part of the Schengen countries, whereas the Faroe Islands and Greenland are not. 

Application for a residence permit is FREE (no fee required) for Greenland and the Faroe Islands. 

Rotary Rotary Denmark must still initiate the process by filling out part of the required ST1 form. Please be sure to be in dialogue with your Host Club or Host District (and possibly Rotary multi-district of Denmark) for the correct process. 

Please see the process here:  


Are you an EU-Citizen (with a Schengen passport) 
If you hold a European passport, the registration process is different (it is not an application but a registration process). 

You must still collect all needed documents as per the list on the website below (the same documents as mentioned in the guideline above for non-European passport holders). 

You must use the OD1 application and apply for Study. 
There is no fee for holders of (most) European passports. 

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