Ice to Lake - Camp 2019



19 – 25 years
Max. 25 participants, 2 participants per country


Youth Hostels and similar locations
Director of the camp: Karl-Heinz Restle


at Youth Hostel Baden (close to Zurich)
Saturday 10 August 2019 latest 6.00 pm
Airport pick-up at Zurich Airport (guided and accompanied by members of Rotex/Rotary)
Please provide your complete travel details for arranging pick-up at the airport to the following email address: camps (at)


For all participants: Sunday 25 August 2019
For those who go via Airport Zurich, please take about 45 min transfer time into account.

Camp Payment

We ask for a camp fee of CHF 300. With the participation confirmation we send you an invoice due within 30 days.


The camp is organized as a round trip. Most of the travelling is done by bus, some with Swiss ground transportation (mainly railway). During the camp you visit a lot of interesting sites related to different water aspects in Switzerland. Some of the activities will be outside like hiking, cycling, sailing Of course you will share some time with the local people, and also enjoy some free hours and get to know our fantastic territory.


Personal Equipment
❑ Your personal suitable clothing. The day time temperature is between 30 – 20 °C, but at night or in the mountains it can get colder (0 – 15 °C).
❑ Personal underwear for 2 weeks
❑ Towels and all you need for your personal well-being

Outdoor and Sports Equipment
❑ Clothing for outdoor activities and hiking (for 2 weeks). Be aware that in the alpine areas we will visit, the temperatures even in summer can be around zero
❑ Raincoat
❑ Bathing suit
❑ Hiking shoes and sport shoes
❑ backpack for excursions
❑ hat, sun block, sunglasses


Participants from EU-Countries: European Insurance Card
Participants from outside of EU: CISI Bolduc. Here is the link, where you can buy this insurance
directly: (Plan B, up to 1
month), fee USD 76).


If you need any further information, please contact:
Meg Elmiger: camps (at), Skype: rotaryswissyep, Phone +41 (0) 56 426 50 58


Please send the Application Form to Meg Elmiger, camps (at), no later than
31 May 2019


Camp description

Water is the only raw material in Switzerland. What you can do with it and what the Swiss in particular, have made of this medium. What has sprung up around the subject of water, you will have the opportunity to discover on a tour.
Switzerland is one of the most important water sources in Europe. Its rivers, fed by mighty glaciers, flow from the Alps to the North Sea, south to the Mediterranean and east to the Black Sea.
The raw material water is the basis for many branches of industry, from energy production to water treatment and tourism.
In a group of about 25 young people from many different countries, we will show you the unbelievable diversity of our beautiful Switzerland. You will get to know the country and its people with special reference to the topic of water.
We will travel almost 500 km by bus and train. In addition, we will hike to reach some special places like the Morteratsch Glacier, the source of the Rhine or the unique watershed on the Lunghin Pass. We will also use the water partly for transport and above all for sporting activities.
You will also have the opportunity to learn more about the fascinating and crucial technical worlds of hydro-electric power generation, water treatment and wastewater.
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