PANDA Culture and Nature Summer Camp

Dear All,

I have great news !

One more Finnish district decided to arrange a camp in the coming Summer 2019. This is a fascinating opportunity for those students who like nature, wildlife and Panda bears.

The new camp is organised by the district 1380 and the camp title is "PANDA Culture and Nature Summer Camp". It is to be held in Ähtäri, Western Finland between 28 July - 10 August 2019.

The camp information is attached.

You are welcome to send me students with AF.

Please note that the camp will be arranged only if we can find 18 suitable students. Therefore we will first list the students as we receive them, but we can confirm the place only when we have the necessary 18 students in our list. Unfortunately, if we cannot find 18 students, the camp will not be organised.

I look forward to hear from you.

Note also that the three other Finnish camps that we announced earlier are all fully booked and we cannot take new students to them anymore.

Best regards,


Torsti Poutanen
Inbound camp coordinator
Rotary Multidistrict 1380-1430