South Bohemia Summer Camp 2019


Sunday, August 4th – Saturday, August 17th 2019


Tábor, South Bohemia, Czech Republic


16 participants (boys and girls – one student from each country)


15 – 18 years


English (good level)


seeing towns and historical sights in South Bohemia, sport activities (biking, hiking, golf and water sports) in the South Bohemian area (included Šumava mountains), two-day trip to Prague, cultural activities ..... PLEASE NOTE! The program is focused on sport activities. That is why all participants must be good swimmers and must be able to hike at least 20 km and to bike at least 50 km a day


Sunday, August 4th 2019 (morning or afternoon prefered), by plane to the Prague airport, by train or by bus to Prague or directly to Tábor


Saturday, August 17th 2019


with families, one night in a youth hostel in Prague, three nights in an appartment hotel in the mountains; full pension will be provided


participants will pay for their travel expenses to and from the camp, their own extra expenses, pocket money and 100 EUR rental charges for sport equipment (the number of bank account
will be announced)


all students are required to arrange the personal lability, accident and sickness insurance from CISI Bolduc approved by the Rotary International, „Plan B“, or similar (details see below)


completely filled application forms in PDF must be sent by March 31st 2019 to:
Mr. Ziga Schmidt, e-mail (at) ,
cell +421910919831
and in copy to: Jan Bílek, e-mail jan.bilek (at) , phone  +420325625824, cell +420602204446, and to: Vít Jakšič, all contacts below


Vít Jakšič, Palackého 355/9, 390 01 Tábor, Czech Republic, e-mail jaksic (at) , phone +420381256297, cell +420732931509


The parent or legal guardian of the Youth Exchange student is responsible for the payment of all medical and accident costs. The parent or legal guardian of each student shall provide travel insurance, including, but not limited to, medical and dental coverage for accidental injury and illness, accidental death, dismemberment, and disability benefits (also known as capital benefits), repatriation of remains, emergency evacuation, 24-hour emergency assistance services and personal legal liability. Such amounts shall not be less than the following
minimum limits and benefits per student:
a) Provide coverage on a 24-hour basis from the time the student leaves their home until they return home inclusive of any personal travel before and/or after the agreed exchange period
b) Be valid in all countries in which travel will take place with the exception of student’s home country
c) 24-hour emergency assistance services
d) US$1,000,000 for expenses related to injury or illness such as hospital, doctors/physicians, dentist, ambulance or other usual and customary medical services
e) US$100,000 for accidental death, dismemberment, or disability
f) US$50,000 for necessary emergency transport or evacuation of student in the event of severe illness or bodily injury
g) US$50,000 for repatriation of student’s remains or cremation expenses in the event of the death of the student
h) US$50,000 for necessary emergency transport or evacuation of student in the event of a non-medical emergency, including due to a political crisis or a natural disaster
i) US$500,000 for personal legal liability for liability arising from the student’s actions or omissions that cause bodily injury to a third party or damage to a third party’s property