Belgium @ the Borders

Practical details:


From Sunday 28 July 2019 until Sunday 11 August 2019.


Hoogstraten / Turnhout – Houthalen / Zonhoven and surrounding cities. This is in the Dutch speaking part of our country.

Age class:

17-19 years old.

Group size:

In total 20 participants will be allowed. (boys and girls)


Correct knowledge of English is essential.


The travel to and from Belgium. Our national airport is Brussels –Zaventem. Other ways to travel are available. Pocket money to cover personal expenses during the stay. First meeting point will be the railway station in Turnhout. All accommodation including food and beverages are covered by our organisation. Special requests about food restrictions will be observed as far as possible.


4 Rotary clubs join hands to organize the program Hoogstraten-Kempen / Turnhout for the first week and Zonhoven / Houthalen Midden-Limburg for the second week. This program will include social events, cultural visits, sports and tourism activities spread over the north part of Belgium.


The participants will be hosted by Rotarian families.

Weather conditions:

August should offer agreeable temperatures but foresee also rainwear.


Easy and casual dressing. Sport bike and walking activities are part of the program. To foresee also sport shoes, shorts and swimming wear.

Time for application:

From now onwards until 15 April 2019. First–in, first-serve rule will be applied. Only accurately and fully completed application forms accompanied with a strong motivation letter in English will be considered. We intend to accept only one candidate per nationality.

Special note 1:

Your travel schedule must be know ASAP and certainly before 31 May 2019 so not your application will be cancelled and a candidate from waiting list will take your place.

Special note 2:

This is a low profile internet connected camp.

Special note 3:

Check your e-mails. This is the only communication channel.

General information and application:

Benny Lenaerts, RC Houthalen Midden-Limburg. HEP coordinator D 1630NL for the Dutch speaking part of Belgium
Benny.Lenaerts (at)

We will be happy to welcome the young people in our program.

Sincerely yours,
Benny Lenaerts