Rotary Forkortelser

3-H              Health, Hunger and Humanity
AAM            Additional Active Member
ADC            Assistant District Chair
AG (ADG)   Assistant Governor
AM              Active Member
ARRFC       Assistant Regional Foundation Coordinator
CC              Club Counsellor
CICO          Club Internet Communication Officer
COL            Council on Legislation
COP            Club Protection Officer
D                 District
DC              District Chair
DDF            District Designated Funds
DG              District Governor
DGE            District Governor Elect
DGN           District Governor Nominee
DGND         District Governor Nominee Designated
DGSC         District Grant Subcommittee Chair
DICO          District Internet Communication Officer
DIK             Donations in Kind
DLP            District Leadership Plan
DMDC        District Membership Development Chairs
DPFC         District Permanent Fund Chairperson
DPO           District Protection Officer
DRFC         District Rotary Foundation Chair
DRMA         Danish Rotary Multidistrict Administration (RD)
DRR            District Rotaract Representative
DSG            District Simplified Grants
EEMA         Region Europe/East Mediterrania/Africa incl. RIBI
ES              Excecutive secretary
FOR           Family of Rotary
FU              Forretningsudvalget
GBI            Rotary Region Great Britain and Ireland
GETS        Governor Elect Training Seminar
GF            Guarantee Form
GRSP       Georgia Rotary Student Program
GSE         Group Study Exchange
GYE         Global Youth Exchange
IAS           Internationa Ambassadorial Scholarship
ICC          InterCountry Committees
IPAC        International Projects Advisory Committee
IPDG       Immediate Past District Governor
IPP          Immediate Past President
LTE         Long Term Exchange
MG          Matching Grant
MOP        Manual of Procedure
NCC        National Co-ordinating Committee
NGE        New Generation Exchange
NYSF       National Youth Science Forum
OD          Official Directory of Rotary International
P             President           
PDG        Past District Governor
PE           President Elect   
PETS      President Elect Training Seminar
PHF        Paul Harris Fellow
PHSM     Paul Harris Sustaining Member
PN          President Nominee
PO          Protection Officer
POLIO+  RI program to immunize children against poliomyelitis
PP          Past President


PPE             Preserve Planet Earth
PR               Public Relations
PRID           Past RI Director
PRIP           Past RI President
PRIT           Past RI Treasurer
RC              Rotary Club
RCC           Rotary Community Corps
RCP           Rotary Code of Policies
RD             Rotary Danmark
RD             Rotary District (Engelsk)
RDG          Rotary Distrikts Golf
RDH          Rotary Danmarks Hjælpefond
RDH FU    Rotary Danmarks Hjælpefond´s Forretningsudvalg
RDR          Rotary Danmarks Råd
RDS          Rotary Danmarks Sekretariat
RDU          Rotary Danmarks Ungdomsudveksling
RFE          Rotary Friendship Exchange
RGHF       Rotary Global History
RI              Rotary International
RIBI           Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland
RID            Rotary International Direktor
RIP            Rotary International President
RIPE         Rotary International President Elect
RIPN         Rotary International President Nominee
RIPPR       RIP Personal Representative
RITE          Rotary Inter-country Teacher Exchange
RITS          Rotary International Travel Service
RK             Rotary Klub
RN             Rotary Norden
ROSE        Rotary Overseas Summer Exchange
ROTEX      Organization of Ex-Rotary Exchange Students
ROTI          Rotarians On The Internet
ROVE        Rotary Overseas Vocational Exchange
RRFC        Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinator
Rtn            Rotarian 
RV             Rotary Volunteers
RVC          Rotary Village Corps
RYE          Rotary Youth Exchange  
RYEP        Rotary Youth Exchange Program
RYLA        Rotary Youth Leadership Awards
RYSAP     Rotary Youth Self Achievement Program
S               Secretary
SAM         Senior Active Member
SAR          Semi Annual report
SE            Sponsor Erklæring
SEP          Study Exchange Program
SETS        Secretary-Elect Training Seminar
SF             Student Family
STE          Short Term Exchange
SWSL        Save Water Save Lives
TR             The Rotarian
TRF           The Rotary Foundation
USCB        Rotary Region USA, Canada
WCS         World Community Service
VTT           Vocational Training Teams
YEO          Youth Exchange Officer
YEP           Youth Exchange Program
YIR            Yours in Rotary
YRSG        Youth Service Resource Group
ZONE         Rotary er delt op i 34 zoner.