“Sport and Fun” Summer Camp in Hungary 2019


The Summer Camp will take place from 5th to 15th July with the arrivals and departures on the first and last days respectively.


The base will be in Göd, a small city close to Budapest on the north, at the Danube river.


The Camp accepts maximum 1 girl and 1 boy from each country up to 16 youngsters from abroad in total. The organisers will strive to accept the enrolment from girls and boys equally.

The participants should be between 15 and 18 and capable to participate on the programs attached to this invitation letter.

The program contains on certain days 30 km bicycle riding and half day rowing. We expect, that the participants are in good physical conditions and can do both. (Knowing swimming and riding the bicycle is a must!)

The official language of the Camp will be English, so it is expected from participants to have a good understanding of English.

It is the responsibility of the Sender Rotary Club to send only candidates who fulfil the requirements.

Health insurance, Visa (if needed) is the participants’ responsibility as well as the immunization against the ticks. It is recommended to care to the immunisation because of the possible high infection ratio of ticks.


Participants will be hosted at families for some days and in hostel in the last days while the group will stay at night in Göd. They will spend the nights in small hostels on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th days.


All the programs’ costs, transportation, accommodation, and food will be provided by the organisers. The participants should cover the travelling cost to Budapest and they should pay € 330 as participation fee. We also recommend to bring some pocket money (around € 100 is suggested).

Arrival and departure:

Participants will meet the organisers Rotary Club Göd members at the Budapest Airport (Liszt Ferenc) on 5th of July according to the participants arrival time, and they will travel together to Göd (40-50 minutes drive). At the end of the Camp the Rotary Club members will take care to get the participants to the airport in time.


The applicants should send their attached AF with the needed recommendation and signatures of the sponsoring Rotary Club in e-mail to Rotary Club Göd in PDF or WORD format rotary.club.god (at) gmail.com. Please put all of the e-mails in CC to D1911 CAMP Coordinator camp.anettolle (at) gmail.com who is supporting the RC Göd Summer Camp and Gabor Erdi-Krausz robag0705 (at) gmail.com, mobile: +36 30 930 4470 from Rotary Club Göd.


The organisers accept the enrolments on a first comes first served basis, but not later than 30th of April.

Download a detailed program here.