Romania- Culture and tradition - District 2241

Clubul Rotary Voievodal Sighetul Marmatiei
Romania – Culture and tradition In MARAMURES and TRANSILVANIA
- Folklore, music and dance -


Gather young people who love traditional culture, representing as many countries as possible to develop a mutual understanding of friendship and make music and dance even more beautiful.


Sighetul Marmatiei, Maramures, Romania.


16 - 25 years.


14 participants / One boy or one girl from each country.




01.08 – 14.08.2019


Cluj Napoca Airport.


Guest rooms of the Maramuresan Museum in Sighetu Marmatiei.


  • 14 youths from different countries interested in traditional culture, are invited to take part in the summer camp with the themes: music, dance, traditions, folklore in Romania-Maramures and Transilvania.
  • every day we’ll learn a new traditional song or dance from Maramures,
  • we’ll play lawn tennis, we’ll go to the swimming pool, we take pictures of the beautiful nature of the area,
  • we’ll visit some nice towns of Romania,
  • we’ll take part in some works of arrangements in the Muzeul Maramuresan,
  • every evening will be organized dances and various entertaining games,
  • we’ll get familiar with two new card games-Muzicando and Don’Go and with its inventors,
  • we’ll visit the beautiful surroundings of the town Sighet: the Merry Cemetery in Sapanta (unique in the world) the biggest wooden monastery in the world, the monastery complex Barsana,
  • we’ll climb on the top of Gutin mountain, the highest mountain in the area.
  • detailed program will be sent later to all participants.


120 Euro will be paid on the first day after arrival, flight tickets to arrival point and back & pocket money.


All participants must be insured against illness, accident and third party damages according to Rotary International recommendations.


Every participant is kindly requested to present in 30 minutes aspects of the traditional culture in his country-folklore, music, dance, traditions.
If you wish you can bring a musical instrument, a tennis racket, bathing suit and a camera.
It is advisable to bring the national flag and the pennant of the sponsor club;

Registration and Information:

Applications forms, pages 3 – 7, Supplementary Page B, to be sent as a color PDF file before 30.05.2019.

Horia Scublie-mail:  horiascubli (at) gmail.comTel: 0040 722 630963

Crina Pîrja, e-mail:  pirjacrina (at) (p)Tel:0040755764541

Download the invitation as pdf-file here