Polio indsamling i Distrikt 1461 i 2020/21

Indsendt af Peter Thode Loft den 25.1.2021
Vi har modtaget et takkebrev fra Rotary Foundation's europæiske og afrikanske hovedkontor i Schweiz på baggrund af de 52.160 kr., vi har indsamlet til kampen mod Polio i Poliougen (uge 43) i 2020.

Jens Kaptain,
Distriktsguvernør 2020/21

"Thank you for your generous support of Rotary's efforts to eradicate polio. Your contributions protect
children still vulnerable from contracting this terrible disease.
Since 1988, we have seen a 99% reduction in polio cases around the world, but the fight is not finished. Polio continues to paralyze children in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Nigeria. As long as one child is at risk all children are, which is why Rotary is committed to see this effort to the very end.
You are one of the heroes in this story. You embrace Rotary's vision of a polio-free world and make sure that we have the resources needed to make it happen. Again, thank you for making a difference.

Espen Malmberg
Rotary Foundation Services Manager
Europe/Africa Office"