Brazil Amazon camp 2019

Enjoy the BEST of Brazil in one camp. First AMAZING 10 days full of NATURE BEAUTY and ADVENTURE. You will travel in aboat cruising the amazon and Negro rivers sourounded by WILDLIFE, FUN and all the FLAVORS of the Amazon.
After, you will to a different part of the country and be part of a day by day brazilian routine in a 03 or 04 weeks Family/Family Short Term Exchange, facing the best Brazil has to offer: It's HOSPITALITY.


Our first Amazon Camp and Family/family was a successful, so, we would like to offer our second Amazon Camp more family/family.


Questions that you might have:


  1. The period of the camp exchange is from the 27th July until the 5th August/ 2019.
  2. The age is between 15 and 19 years old.
  3. The cost is U$1650, Airplane tickets not included.
  4. The student can participate on the family/family exchange for 3 to 4 weeks in any of the multi-districts in Brazil (4620, 4730, 4570, 4760 and Norbrex) before or after the Camp Exchange. The only condition is to give the opportunity to receive a counterpart.
  5. The student, family-family must make the adjustment directly with the chair of the host district. Each chair will be responsible for giving the information of the final airport and everything that is necessary.
  6. The family/Family exchange will be adjusted as the possibility of the partner districts.
  7. Every single student will need the health insurance. Cisi Boulduc –
  8. There is a folder,pictures below, to clarify the schedule of the Amazon Camp.
  9. Receive the Application Form until the half of June.please, you can send to: anaidesdistrito4730 (at)
  10. Amazon Camp will start on 27tn of July/2019.
  11. We can have a second boat, but, only after the first boat is full.
  12. The second boat is provided to August 3rd to Aug, 12th.

We hope to have students to appreciate our wonderful Camp.

Any further questions, please, contact me by email:anaidesdistrito4730 (at)


Best Regards


Brazil Multidistrict Amazon Camp 2018/2019