Experience Danmark’s Outdoor Capital - Silkeborg

Silkeborg is the center of the largest forested and lake rich area in Denmark, on the camp you will experience this. However, Silkeborg is a rich cultural town with art, a long history and close to the second largest city in Denmark. So, this is a multifaceted introduction to Denmark!

Rotary Youth Exchange  9 – 22 August 2018


Silkeborg area; Denmark


9 – 22 August 2018


9 August, 2018 Billund Airport


22 August, 2018 Billund Airport


18-21 years old at the time of the camp
Maximum 20 participants
The first 20 participants are accepted


Week 1:

The week will focus on learning about the eco-systems in the extensive natural environment around Silkeborg, the largest forested & lake rich area in Denmark. This will be accomplished by: biking, flat water canoeing and walking

Week 2:

The second week has a more cultural focus, while still having an outdoor theme. Activities include a museum village, the worlds largest solar heat plant and cultural features in Silkeborg

The final program will be on: fb.me/RotaryDanmarkOutdoor

Necessary abilities:

Each participant is expected to be able to swim (ca. 600 m) and bicycle.




Sleeping bag; clothing suited to being outdoors in all sorts of weather; swimsuit; otherwise no special equipment is required


Pocket money, 1000 DKK to cover various equipment rental


During most of the Exchange, accommodations will be in hostel like rooms (3-4 persons per room) dormitory like accommodations on one excursion. Typical Danish food is provided.


Each participant shall have valid travel insurance. The Exchange has 3rd party liability insurance.


EEMA application in PDF format including picture to be sent on or before 31 March 2018 to:
Cm-st (at) rotary-yep.net

Further information

krom (at) touchwater.net (krom@touchwater)krom (at) touchwater.net (.)krom (at) touchwater.net (net)