Water Experience, Holland

Host Country: The Netherlands (the north of the Netherlands)
Organizer: Rotary Club Sneek - Zuidwesthoek | Dronten | Raalte


July 7th 2019 – July 21th 2019
Arrival and departure Airport Schiphol Amsterdam
Rotary Club Sneek - Zuidwesthoek: July 7th – July 12th 2019
Rotary Club Raalte: July 12th – July 17th 2019
Rotary Club Dronten: July 17th – July 21th 2019


16 students, each from another country 8 male and 8 female

Age range:

15 – 17 Years old

Participation fee:

Airline ticket and insurance ( €100), Pocket money at own expanse Board and lodging and the organized activities will be offered by the 3 Rotary Clubs

Special requirements:

Participants are expected to have a working knowledge of English and being able to swim and bike well (sport- and swimwear necessary)


Summercamp (at) rotaryyouthexchange.nl

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