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International Youth Camp

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Sioux Lookout, Ontario, Canada

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The following information is designed to provide participants with a basic understanding of how the IYC will function and what you have to do to prepare for the experience.  Based on our past camps, we strongly recommend that you follow the advice contained in this information.  We hope we have designed an experience that is enjoyable, challenging and educational.


You have signed on for a challenging canoe trip that you will find both enjoyable and rewarding.  The International Youth Camp (IYC) committee will prepare you to successfully complete a 200-kilometre canoe trip in two person, aluminum canoes.  You will be expected to fully participate in all aspects of the camping/canoeing trip including cooking, setting up tents, paddling, and of course, carrying equipment and canoes over the seven portages (the longest being 2.0 km).  Of great importance to the success of your experience will be your willingness to work in a team atmosphere.

The trip will be physically and emotionally challenging!  You must be comfortable in and around water and have some knowledge of swimming.  Prior knowledge of canoeing is not required, as we will teach you everything you need to know to complete the trip.

Please be prepared to discuss the environmental issues that are impacting your country. As part of this wilderness experience we will teach you how to minimize your impact on the environment. You will be exposed to many other skills including, but not limited to map navigation, solo paddling, organizing a portage, wilderness and other survival skills. Please come prepared to work and play hard, this is your trip and you will get from it what you give.


Age:  18 to 21 years

Number: one per country and additional participants from a country if another country declines to send a participant.  Invitations are sent to a number of countries.


A non-refundable payment of $575.00 Canadian dollars must be sent to the camp by April 30, 2017.  All fees are non-refundable except for cancellation due to medical reasons.

Payment may be made by VISA, MasterCard, or International Money Wire to our local bank, in Canadian Funds in the amount of $575.00. Wire transfers are subject to additional service charge of $15.00 CAD, please transfer a total of $590.00 if you are sending a transfer to our bank account. Credit card payments will be put through one of our Rotary member’s retail accounts. Please expect that a charge will be processed through Fresh Market Foods.

There is a payment form attached to this document.

Transfers are to be made payable to Rotary International Dist. 5550 Inc. International Youth Camp  SWIFT =  CIBCCATT, IBAN = CC0010-00387-3405613


Your country’s coordinator must confirm participation of your country by April 15, 2017 by forwarding your application, along with page 7 of this package including arrangements for full payment to be made by April 30, 2017.  The co-coordinator may submit more than one application from your country, indicating priority of the individuals. Additional applicants may be accepted if other countries do not have participants. Applicants must follow their own country’s (Rotary District) application process, keeping in mind our deadline is April 15, 2017. After April 15, any positions not filled may be offered additional applicants from countries already participating base on when the applications were received.


You are responsible for all Visas, permissions, authorizations etc. as required by your own countries and by the Canadian government.  Please contact a Canadian Consulate for information on visits to Canada.


The participants must be insured against illness, accident and third party damages according to Rotary International recommendations.


We will compile a final list of participants and invite everyone to a Facebook Group for the camp participants. You may wish to contact the other participants, as often you will be on the same planes arriving and departing Canada.


ARRIVAL IN CANADA: You will arrive in Sioux Lookout on Wednesday July 05, 2017 not before.

DEPARTURE FROM CANADA: You will leave Sioux Lookout on Wednesday July 19, 2017.

You need to arrive at Sioux Lookout YXY. You can fly through Winnipeg YWG or Thunder Bay YQT. There are connections to Winnipeg and Thunder Bay from many major international airports. Many connections are through Toronto or Vancouver.

There is train service, but it is not like in Europe. It must be booked in advance and be prepared for delays.

Arrival: The train leaves Toronto July 4 @ 22:00 arrives July 5 @ 23:39.

Arriving from the west, the train leaves Winnipeg July 4 @ 22:30 and arrives July 5 @ 5:02.

Departure: To Toronto July 19 @ 5:42 arrive Toronto July 21@ 9:00

To Winnipeg July 20 @ 0:09 arrives Winnipeg July 20  8:00

If travelling by train do not book your flight until very late in the arrival day, as you will likely be delayed.

There is bus service form Thunder Bay (YQT) to Sioux Lookout (YXL) daily. It is operated by Kasper Bus Line

The bus leaves Thunder Bay at 9:30 EDT  arriving in Sioux Lookout at 13:20 CDT. On Wednesday it leaves Sioux Lookout at 14:00 CDT arriving in Thunder Bay at 19:45 EDT

A copy of complete travel itineraries, including the details of all flights, trains or busses for both arrival and departure must be sent to the camp co-ordinator by June 1, 2017. susan (at)

Please book your travel as soon as your participation is confirmed. Travel is expensive and will be most economical if booked well in advance.


Requirements for religious and allergy reasons can be accommodated. Vegetarian options will be available.  It is essential that participants eat well on the trip, as you will be expending a lot of energy.  Please ensure that you inform the planning committee of any food allergies or religious/medical dietary requirements on your application form, as changes cannot be made once you arrive.  The menu for the trip will be nutritious, and limited by weight and lack of refrigeration.


Accommodations, before and after, the canoe trip will be with host families. These families will be Rotarians or friends of Rotarians.  During the canoe trip, you will be staying in tents in the remote wilderness.  The IYC committee is responsible for accommodations from July 6 to 19 inclusive.


Participants wishing to arrive in Canada before July 5 or depart after July 19 are free to do so, at their own expense and they must make their own arrangements for accommodations and travel variation must be discussed with our travel agent.


These rules are in effect from your arrival in Sioux Lookout until your departure.

The International Youth Camp is governed by Rotary International rules for Exchange Students.  As such, the following rules will be enforced:

  1. Participants are not allowed to operate motorized vehicles of any kind
  2. Participants may not use any drugs, except those prescribed by a medical doctor or trip paramedic.
  3. Participants are not allowed to consume alcoholic beverages. There will be no purchase of alcohol or consumption in public establishments.
  4. For safety reasons, instructions and requests given by the trip leaders are to be followed without question or delay.

Participants not following the rules may be verbally disciplined, removed from the trip environment and returned home as required. Any additional cost of return will be paid by the participant.


We will be in the remote wilderness but we will have a satellite phone to use in case of an emergency. We will have well trained personnel on the trip who can deal with medical or wilderness emergencies.


The committee has found that problems have arisen in the past with smokers.  You are going on a wilderness camp experience and you will not be able to purchase cigarettes while on the trip.  Plan to bring enough cigarettes for the trip.  Do not attempt to quit smoking on the trip, you will find this very difficult.  At all times, you must refrain from discarding cigarette butts in the woods.  Save butts and matches for the garbage, in order to keep the woods clean and avoid forest fires.  Smoking may be prohibited if there is a “Restricted Fire Zone” in place.  (You can ask us about what this is later.) Participants under 19 years of age are not able to legally purchase cigarettes in Ontario.


The language used on the trip is English. Participants from other countries often speak a variety of languages. You will have the opportunity to learn about other languages and cultures.


Most cell phones will work in Sioux Lookout. Internet will be available in most host homes and at the local coffee shops. On the Wilderness portion of your trip, Sunday through Sunday, you will have no access to cell or internet signals. They do not exist in the area you are going to.


The amount of spending money that you will require for the trip will depend very much on the activities that you wish to participate in during your experience.  You should have money for things like: phone calls, souvenirs, social evenings, and personal items. You should arrive with $100 Canadian or American dollars in cash.

Currencies other than American dollars are hard to exchange in Sioux Lookout. Bank machines and Credit Cards are extensively used.  Traveler’s cheques are cashable at the banks with passport identification.


We encourage you to bring any camera and video equipment that you wish. There are many opportunities for taking pictures on the trip.  However, you are going on a wilderness experience and we strongly recommend that any equipment be insured against loss and damage.  The Sioux Lookout Rotary Club, District 5550 and Rotary International cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss.

THE CANOE TRIP - July 05 – July 19

July 05 - Arrival day - Arrive in Sioux Lookout.  You will be met when you arrive in Sioux Lookout. A group supper with host families, some Rotarians, and other participants will be arranged is usually arranged for those in town for supper.

July 06 - Training Day 1 - Training, including group team building, canoeing, portage instruction, packing instruction, camping equipment orientation and checking.  Dinner at Rotary Club meeting 1800 hours.

July 07 - Training Day 2 - Training continues.

July 08 - Training Day 3 - Training continues, final backpack inspection

July 09 - Trip Departure Day - breakfast 0600 hours, departure 0700 hours.

July 10-15 - Trip Days 2-7 - Canoeing and camping though Canadian wilderness

July 16 - Trip Day 8 - Arrival back in Sioux Lookout, real toilets and showers available

July 17 - Clean up Day and Rest Day - get together with other participants

July 18 - Sioux Lookout Activity Day – local activities will be planned for the group and

International Night- International potluck dinner, presentation and socialization. Each student will prepare a traditional food item of their culture and/or country.

July 19 - Departure Day – Variable times depending on route.


Bring whatever you wish for your time in Canada. 

For the canoe portion of 8 days, we recommend that you bring old clothing that is not made of cotton. We recommend the following:

- 1 pair of waterproof sports boots or shoes to wear on the wilderness portion

- 1 pair of running shoes to wear around camp in the evenings

- at least 2 pairs of underwear

- 2 pairs of wool socks

- 1 T-shirt – not cotton, quick drying

- 1 long sleeved shirt – not cotton, quick drying

- 1 sweater (fleece) or light weight warm jacket

-  rain jacket and rain pants, the committee has some available to borrow

- 1 pair of swim shorts or a bathing suit

- 1 pair of fast drying shorts

- 1 pair of fast drying long pants

-  baseball cap or hat, mandatory

-  sunglasses

-  sun block lotion at least 30 spf (can be purchase locally)

-  insect repellent (should be purchase locally) 

-  personal items: toothbrush, deodorant, hairbrush

All other clothing and items brought to Canada can be left with your host family until you return from the canoe trip. No other items are required on the trip.  If you do not have all of these items, we will help you obtain them in Canada.

We will be providing tents, sleeping bags, ground mat, canoes, cooking and eating equipment, paddles, life jackets, waterproof backpacks, light weight towels, biodegradable shampoo/body wash.


The last evening of your stay in Sioux Lookout is a meal and party to celebrate your completion of the trip and to say goodbye. You will be asked to prepare a dish of food typical of your country. Come to Canada prepared to cook something for this meal. You may need to bring a recipe and any special items you can’t get in small town Canada. 

Your host family will assist you in preparing your dish if requested.


This will be a rewarding, challenging experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.  There will be times when you will wonder why you ever agreed to participate.  Participate in everything on the trip, get involved, try everything, look for extra opportunities and you and all on the trip will have a better time for your efforts.

For further information contact Susan Barclay at susan (at) phone 1 807 737-1148 home, 1 807 737-0390 cell, fax 1 807 737-4365.

District 5550 - Sioux Lookout Rotary Club – Canoe Trip


Applicant Name:                   ______________________________________________

Address:          _________________________________________________________



Email address: _________________________________________________________

Fax number: ___________________________________________________________

Phone number:_                            _________________________________________

Date of Birth:                 ______________________________Age:    ______________

Height:      ____cm__T-shirt size: X-small _small medium large x  X-large

Gender:         ___________________________________________________________

Allergies Religious/medical dietary restrictions (if any):         ______________________




Credit Card Payment Form

I hereby authorize the Rotary Club of Sioux Lookout, or its agent Fresh Market Foods, to charge the amount of $575.00 Canadian dollars to my credit card.

Type of Card: _____VISA _____MasterCard

Card #: ___                                           _______________________________________

Expiry Date: _____    ______________                                 ________                               

Cardholder’s Name:__           __________________________                                                  

Cardholder’s Signature: __________________________________________________                               

All applicants must complete the Rotary International Short Term Exchange application form.  Please use the STEP form approved in Madrid 2008 - General Application Page 3-7 and the Supplementary Page B

The STEP application is to be submitted to your Rotary District and forwarded to the Sioux Lookout Club by email or fax will be sufficient.

Fax number  1-807-737-4365

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