Camp Photoart and Wilderness in Austria


First day: 2017-08-20 Last day: 2017-09-02

Host country/countries and district(s):

Austria / Districts 1910 and 1920

1st Contact address:

Please send your applications to both contacts!

Rotary Club: Kirchdorf/Krems
Responsible Rotarian: Michael Huber
ZIP Code, City: A-4560 Kirchdorf/Krems
Tel: +43 664 539 22 73
Fax: +43 7582 52 00 74
e-mail:drmichaelhuber (at)"> drmichaelhuber (at)

Rotary Club: Waidhofen-Amstetten
Responsible Rotarian: Friedrich Zavarsky
Street: Am Schlossplatz 1
ZIP Code, City: A-3340 Waidhofen/Ybbs
Tel: +43 699 12 25 55 52
e-mail: friedrich.zavarsky (at)">friedrich.zavarsky (at)

2nd Contact address:

Rotary Multidistrict Youth Exchange:
Kurt Widhalm
Alserstraße 14/1/4a
A-1090 Wien
Tel. +43 664 337 04 25
Fax. +43 1 405 88 76
e-mail: kwidhalm (at)">kwidhalm (at)


Under the guidance of a professional photographer, who will be lead-ing the workshop, the participants will witness the beauty of nature in the region of Mostviertel during the first week. They will also be advised how to best use light, distance and modes of their cameras to take great photographs together.
During the second week of the camp you will experience untouched nature at the National Park Kalkalpen, combined with the possibility of photo sessions.


English (basic knowledge is recommended), German


Lower Austria: region Mostviertel, Waidhofen/Ybbs, Amstetten
Upper Austria: region Pyhrn-Eisenwurzen, Kirchdorf/Krems


First week hostel-stay at Gießhübl, Amstetten; second week Lodge Holzgraben, National Park Kalkalpen


Journey to and from the nearest airport or train station; some pocket money will be required.
Additional fee of 150€ required, to be paid after application is accepted.


The first week: Sunday 20th of august 2017, day of arrival and indi-vidual self-organized transport to Amstetten.

Monday we plan to visit Linz and Ars Electronica center.

Tuesday the participants will stay in the town of Waidhofen and the town is also the theme of the photography’s workshop on this day. In the evening the participants are invited to attend the weekly Rotarian meeting of RC Waidhofen-Amstetten.

Wednesday we plan to visit a blacksmith and learn how to forge iron. A wonderful place to take pictures. The theme is iron, smoke and heat.

Thursday we will explore water countryside again (now in smaller scale) in combination with a hiking tour. The theme is small river and its landscape.

Friday is reserved for the final presentation preparation; some free time is also planned. All Rotarian friends, family members and inter-ested public are invited to see the final presentation in the evening.

Saturday: a farewell lunch is planned, morning and afternoon free program.
Sunday, 27th of august 2017, transport to National Park Kalkalpen, organized by the clubs.
This week you are guest at the hostel Gießhübl.

During the second week you will stay together with two rangers in the Camp Holzgraben at the National Park Kalkalpen. The lodge is located in a one hour walking distance from civilisation (Hengstpass Road) at a lonely, sunny clearing in the middle of the national park forest. The National Park Kalkalpen is the largest forestry conserva-tion area of Austria. In the wilderness you experience how nature really is. The conscious perception of wilderness leads people to their origin and facilitates a new form of face to face encounter with na-ture. Observation of wild animals, fire technique, orientation in the wilderness is scheduled.

The Lodge is very comfortable. Food will be provided and finalized by the group. Cooking together at the firespot is one of the special highlights.
For further detail see: 


Participant is obliged to have an insurance against illness and acci-dents, including transport home if this should be necessary – the organising clubs will take out an insurance, costs of insurance are included in the application fee.


2017-08-20 (only this arrival day is possible)
At Blue Danube Airport Linz (Flughafen Linz Hörsching) or Linz Central Station (Linz Hauptbahnhof)
At Vienna International Airport (Flughafen Wien Schwechat) or Vienna Central Station (Wien Hauptbahnhof)
Individual self-organized transport from Vienna airport by train to Am-stetten (direct connection). From Linz Blue Danube airport take the bus to Linz Hauptbahnhof, direct train connection to Amstetten.


Maximum number of participants: 15
No pre-reservations accepted without full application form. The decision about acceptance or refusal of the candidate is strictly within the responsibility of the organ-ising clubs. The organising clubs will inform applicants about their decision as soon as possible.


Minimum age: 16 Maximum age: 20


Closing date: March 31st 2017
Please use your district`s form or RI application form for „Short-term Pro-gram“ (PA2-763-EN-(793)994-20M/25), send copies to all Contact Addresses! Electronic submission of applications is highly appreciated!

Special remarks:

Participants should be in good physical condition.
A list of required outdoor equipment for the second week of the camp will be provided.