Art and Nature – Taide ja luonto


Art and Nature – Taide ja luonto


The Art Town of Mänttä-Vilppula
Mänttä-Vilppula is located in the lake area of central Finland, 250 kilometers north
of Finland’s capital Helsinki. See more information on the websites:


26.7.-5.8.2018, Family Period 26.7. - 30.7.2018 +
Camp Period 30.7. – 5.8.2018


Helsinki-Vantaa Airport on 26th July


Helsinki-Vantaa Airport on 5th August
the airport is about 220 kilometres from Mänttä and it will be the best take to train or bus to Tampere (we offer more information after the summer timetables & schedules are confirmed).


16 participants from EEMA countries, age 16-20 years


The camp consists of two periods. The participants will spend the first week together with their host families in order to get an idea of the Finnish way of life. After this, during the second week (camp period), all stay together in a summer hostel. Participants will then learn about the theme: art and nature - and will get acquainted with the town, which has been an important industrial town for the last 150 years and still is. The town is known for its high-quality tissue and greaseproof paper.
In addition to industry, Mänttä is famous for its art. The Art Town is well known all over Europe - mostly thanks to the two Art Museums of Serlachius. In the summer we also have the Mänttä XXIII Contemporary Art Festival (17.6.-31.8.2018) and Mänttä Music Festival (1-5.8.2018), both of which the participants will visit. During the camp period they can test their own skills in creating pieces of art by painting, etc. according to everyone’s own interests.
Participants will also learn about the nature in the area by visiting a nature reserve / national park. They will visit also Ähtäri Zoo - and see wolves, bears, deers – and Pandas! On the way there, they visit “the biggest village shop in the world”, a huge mall in the countryside. In addition the participants can learn, how to catch fish and row the boat on the lake. The camp period is supervised by two local guides. The language of the summer camp is English.


Your personal medication and suitable clothing for outdoor activities and hiking. The daytime temperature is between 15-23 oC. Occasional rain showers may occur. Water temperature is around 20 oC. Bring your swimsuit with you.


150 euros


Participants pay their travelling costs to the nearest airport / railway station / bus station - and will have their own pocket money with them. Representatives of the Rotary Club will meet the participants after their arrival to Finland and drive them to the host families. Organizing rotarians will be in charge of arranging all other ground transportations in Finland.


Participants must have a valid insurance policy in case of sickness and injury. We urge the student to purchase the insurance from CISI Bolduc which is approved by Rotary. Select “Plan B” from the offered options.


The applicant must use the official Rotary Youth Exchange – Short-Term Exchange Program (STEP) Application form when applying to the camp. The deadline for the applications is the 16th of April, 2018.


Arja Ranta-aho phone: +358 44 562 6265
e-mail: arja.ranta-aho (at)

Torsti Poutanen phone: +358 44 290 7489
email: torsti.poutanen (at) web: