Adventure in Israel

Visit the Holy land - 11 - 17 April 2019

We invite a group of youngsters ages 16 – 21 to spend a week in Israel.

Program in Israel will include tours to:

  1. a. Jerusalem.
  2. b. Dead Sea.
  3. c. Historical and Archaeology sites.
  4. d. Social activity.
  5. e.  Lectures and fun time.

Hospitality in Israel by Rotary member families and youth hostels.

Camp fee 200 EURO.

Number of participants is limited

Apply by December 30TH 2018.


Please fill up all attached forms and return by mail to            

youth exchange secretary in District 2490 P.P  P.P Amos Van mail: amosyouth (at) ()

and to youth exchange chairman 2490 P.P Amos Van mail: amosyouth (at) ()

The Camp Rotary District 2490 invites you to Israel for a journey that will give you first hand feel and understanding of incredible ISRAEL and an opportunity to see our Rotary district. This camp will take you closer to Israel's culture; heritage; philosophy; economics and life style.

We believe that this camp will help you enhance your knowledge about ISRAEL; it's society and people.

This camp will give you friends and memories for life and will be a most memorable experience.


An opportunity to experience and explore Israeli culture, heritage, philosophy and lifestyle.

SPONSOR -  ROTARY DISTRICT 2490 in association with RYLA camps.

ARRIVAL – Thursday April 11th 2019, TLV airport.

DEPART -  Wednesday April 17nd,   TLV airport.

APPLICATION FORMS - Please send in your application forms available with your youth exchange   club officers by December 15th 2018.

Camp fee -   200 EURO with confirmation.

Very important please follow:

a. Fill up short term application with passport copy.

b. Mail to the camp contact: laura.netzer (at)

c. Upon confirmation pay camp fees ( 200.EU) and  email      


d.  Bank transfer:

       Eban: IL64-0127-0200-0000-0374-840

       Bank Hapoalim

       B.M.Nave Shaanan Branch IL

       No additional costs for all camp activities

e.  Insurance – All participants should be adequately

     insured for travel and medical coverage as per R.I.

     insurance guidelines. Upon conformation send

     immediately your insurance.

f. Email flight info as soon as possible.

g. If you have any medical or other restrictions

     (food ,allergies, etc)   please inform us immediately.

h.   You will not be confirmed unless we receive all  

       required forms.

Here is the app you have to fill:

The applicant will bear cost of round trip travel to Israel and will pay for any pre or post events.

Please take out of pocket for shopping etc.


 Submit a copy of your insurance along with passport copy.

 Camp contact:

    laura.netzer (at)