District 5340 MusiCamp, 14 July – 4 August 2019

Develop international goodwill and better friendships by combining pre-professional caliber international musicians with members of the San Diego Youth Symphony and Conservatory in a summer program of rehearsals, performances, social activities and tours of San Diego area attractions.

Please see the short video of last year’s camp: https://vimeo.com/289622948


San Diego, California and surrounding communities


Males and females 16 - 24 years of age


Targeting 24 international participants and 20 members of the San Diego Youth Symphony and Conservatory. More than one representative per country can be accepted. (See page 2 for the individual instruments that can be selected.) Every effort will be made to include applicants from unrepresented countries if the required level of ability is met.


Fee $300.USD payable by bank check to “Rotary District 5340” or US Dollars in cash upon arrival (see below for arrival date), plus travel to and from San Diego and money to cover optional personal expenses.


Rotary International Rules and Conditions for participation in Youth Exchange require that our Rotary District provide the R.I. approved policy for health and injury insurance for each participant during the camp.




Participants will attend two weeks of rehearsals and perform in up to five public classical music performances as the Rotary District 5340 International Youth Symphony.


San Diego International Airport (SAN) with arrival on 12 July or 13 July. Note: LAX is not an option


International musicians will stay with Rotary certified families


San Diego International Airport on Sunday, 4 August 2019


Complete Pages 1 and 2 of the Short Term Youth Exchange Application provided by your local Rotary Club.


Send this to us at the time that you submit your audition. If needed we can help with a local Rotary Club contact.
When you submit your audition Youtube video, we would like you to start by speaking to us in English and tell us a little about yourself and why you would like to come to our MusiCamp, but just be brief.
The completed application should be sent shortly after your acceptance.
Send the above by 15 January 2019 with the Youtube video link to Greg Zinser, MusiCamp Committee member for Rotary Dist. 5340. Email is gregzinser (at) gmail.com. Telephone is 619-985-8555.
We will make best efforts to respond to all applications within one week of the date they are received.
Further acceptance will be considered up to 18 March, 2019, provided there are vacancies.
Evaluations will be conducted by Music Director, Jeff Edmons of the San Diego Youth Symphony and Conservatory.


A SDYS representative will communicate with the successful applicants requesting your commitment of attendance at the 2019 MusiCamp and will also request your signature (or your parents) on a “Hold Harmless Agreement” for our MusiCamp Partner (SDYS). Please note that the completion of the Short Term Youth Exchange Application requires the assistance and signatures of your local Rotary Club.


Selected participants will be asked to perform in chamber or private events. Students
who are invited to attend MusiCamp are expected to bring the solo and piano
accompaniment parts as represented on the audition video.


Violin, Viola, (2)Cello, (1) Bass, Trumpet, (3)French Horn, Flute, (3)Clarinet,
Oboe, Bassoon and (1)Timpani.
(1) Instrument to be provided by SDYS
(2) Instrument can be provided, but requests must be sent to Charles Perkes (cperkes (at) sdys.org), with a copy to David Coleman (dcoleman (at) sdys.org)
(3)Transposition fluency is required.

See the invitation for further info about Audition Requirements